Alessandra Sublet talks about filming in “Love is in the meadow”: “I was drunk”

Before the famous agricultural program was presented by Karine Le Marchand, Alessandra Sublet hosted Love is in the meadow on M6. And during all these seasons, the ex-host has forged strong bonds – not to say watered! – with the farmers on the shoots. “Very often, to thank you, they make you drink little digestives, and I was really drunk in the afternoon.“, she explained, with humor, in The 50 favorite shows of the French broadcast last Friday on TF1. “I was starting the interview and I had the words coming out, but not in the right order.

In 2015, the one who announced her retirement from TV last April to devote herself to her acting career was already talking about these intimate relationships experienced in Love is in the meadow. “I have to tell you one thing: I don’t drink a drop of alcohol, but on set, half the time, I was cooked”, she confided at the time to TV 7 Days. “With the farmers and the technical team, we could not refuse the small local specialties. I was sometimes unable to resume filming before 5 p.m. […]. One day, I even had to ask one of the candidates for a room after a digestive that was a little too strong.”

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