Alfa’s escalation of violence: he slapped Manzana, insulted him and could be expelled from GH

Alfa slapped Manzana (Video: GH, Telefe)

Walter Santiago, better known as Alfa, was summoned by the production of Big Brother to re-enter the house to meet the new little brothers. However, far from showing empathy, he began to fight with several of them, to the point of violent action that could be grounds for expulsion, according to the reality show’s regulations.

In this way, Big Brother lives a quite revolutionary week with Walter’s entry into the house. After the elimination of Rosina, one of the most beloved players in the competition, Telefe decided to bet heavily on the incorporation of two former players, to add more spice to the program.

After the entry of Ariel, also a former participant in the old edition of Big Brother, Alfa did not waste time and, on his first day in the most famous house in the country, he already made the lightning nomination, which brought several controversies among the followers of the program.

But that was not all. It didn’t take long for Walter to fight with several members of the competition, with Catalina being one of the main victims as she suffered strong fights with him. In that sense, he sought to separate the pediatrician from his close friend Furia, to end that link, in addition to revealing information from abroad several times and, later, playing quite strongly in the nominations.

Although the controversial player had not used this game card in his previous participation, being able to nominate, he did decide to do so on this occasion. Indeed, in what will be his only nomination in the most famous house in the world, he showed that he wants to light the fuse in the contest.

Santiago del Moro had revealed that it was Alfa who had used the detonator. However, until now it is unknown who will have to go directly to the plate for this decision, with no possibility of being saved by his teammates.

Ariel returned to GH and Alfa threatened to leave the house

However, the most reprehensible event for the program’s followers was when on Wednesday afternoon the sexagenarian could be seen arguing strongly with Federico Farías. Manzana, as they call her colloquially, endured Alfa’s attacks when she first asked him if she had a girlfriend. With the affirmative response from the Tucumán, Walter went for more: “And is she pretty or ugly?” “She is beautiful,” Manzana replied. Then, the former player from the previous edition retorted: “And did she see you?”

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Then, this tense moment was joined by another more violent one because it led to physical action. While Manzana poured herself a glass of water, Walter, sitting in the kitchen, told her: “The next time you sing that shitty song ‘Se picó’, you’re leaving the house.” Then, the young man retorted: “Well, sing it so you’re going to hell.” Thus a back-and-forth began between the two. “Sing it and see if they take you out, sing it, it’s so beautiful, it has such beautiful lyrics,” Alfa redoubled. “No, sing it yourself,” Manzana responded, bringing her face closer to that of the former participant. At that moment, you could see how Alfa slapped him and Federico took his face in his hands, with a gesture of pain. From the front, Chino watched all the action in surprise. “Filthy fat man,” Alpha continued, carefully pronouncing each word to make it sound more serious. Then, he laughed at the look of his companion.

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