Algerian Regime’s Setback in Spanish Parliament: Implications for Morocco and the Polisario

2023-10-01 13:00:01

On Saturday, the Algerian regime faced a significant setback after a failed vote of confidence in the Spanish Parliament. The right-wing coalition, led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, failed to obtain a majority to form a government, which has direct repercussions on the strategy and interests of the Algerian regime.

The deal between the Algerian regime and the right-wing coalition was the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara and the severance of cooperation with Rabat. Feijóo, leader of the Popular Party (PP), had promised to withdraw this recognition and end cooperation with Morocco. However, his party failed to gain enough votes in the confidence vote.

Feijóo’s failure gives a new chance to the socialist Pedro Sanchez, current Prime Minister and ally of Morocco, to form a government. Sánchez, who had previously confirmed recognition of the Moroccan Sahara and strengthened cooperation with Rabat, now has the opportunity to continue his pro-Moroccan policy if he becomes prime minister again.

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The Algerian regime had bet on Feijóo and his right-wing coalition to weaken Morocco’s position and support the Polisario militiamen. The instrumentalization of the Polisario by the Algerian regime is a strategy aimed at maintaining pressure on Morocco, but this political setback in Spain raises new uncertainties about the effectiveness of this approach.

If Sánchez succeeds in forming a government, he will further consolidate strategic cooperation with Morocco, while managing Spain’s internal problems. With the support of other left-wing and regional parties, he has a good chance of mustering a parliamentary majority to govern.

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However, if Sánchez fails in his attempt to form a government, Spaniards will have to return to the polls. This scenario could offer a new opportunity for the right-wing coalition, but it would also increase uncertainty for the Algerian regime. Indeed, if the right-wing coalition loses the elections in a new election, it would further complicate the situation for the Algerian regime, which would see its attempts to destabilize Morocco and support the Polisario called into question.

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