All of the sufferers died within the ICU of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza

All of the sufferers within the ICU of Al-Shafa Hospital have died and the kids within the incubator are dying one after the other, attributable to which the lifeless our bodies have piled up within the hospital.

After the occupation of the Israeli military, hospitals in Gaza are turning into cemeteries, all of the sufferers within the ICU in al-Shafa hospital died and the kids within the incubator are dying one after the other, six youngsters and twenty-six sufferers are amongst those that died.

New child infants and sufferers are dying each hour, attributable to which there are heaps of lifeless our bodies in hospitals, which there is no such thing as a one to bury.

Assaults and bombings by the Israeli military across the hospitals have intensified and civilians are being fired upon, sufferers should not even allowed to depart the hospital.

Twenty-one Palestinians had been martyred within the ongoing assault on Al-Quds Hospital, after which the second largest hospital in Gaza, Al-Quds, has additionally been disabled, whereas the Zionist Military has additionally expelled the workers from Al-Rantisi Hospital.

In Gaza, all amenities for the care of newborns and pregnant girls have ended, the United Nations company says, seventy % of these killed in Israeli assaults are girls and kids.

The Gaza Well being Division confirmed that operations in all hospitals have stopped and Israeli troopers are firing on these leaving, opposite to the declare of offering secure passage.

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2024-06-25 20:48:09

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