Alpha Girls Series Airs on Viu Since July 5, 2024 – 2024-07-10 12:52:40

Poster serial Alpha Girls(Instagram @viuindonesia)

VIU has aired the latest comedy-drama series Alpha Girls by director Asep Kusdinar, starting July 5, 2024. The series tells the story of two daughters in one family who are each ambitious to achieve success.

“When writing the script, I already had an idea from the novel before moving on to the script,” said Alpha Girls scriptwriter, Dono Indarto, quoted Sunday (7/7).

Alpha Girls is a series adapted from the novel of the same title by Eca Prasetya (MommyASF) and written by Doni Indarto.

Two sisters from two different mothers, Ivy (Tissa Biani) and Sierra (Jihane Almira) are caught in a fierce competition to revive their father’s company, Alpha (Tanta Ginting), which is in decline.

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If the father’s company is stable again, one of them will be appointed as the heir of the father’s company. From here, both of them compete to achieve their success in their own way.

Not only the children, their two mothers are also ambitious in helping their children achieve their goals.

Through Alpha Girls, the audience will be presented with a story of a battle between families for control of the company and family dominance, without forgetting the light comedy in it.

“Viu Original Alpha Girls is a perfect blend of drama and comedy, offering a fresh perspective on family dynamics and managing personal ambitions in the corporate world,” said Viu Head of Content Toha Essa.

Alpha Girls also stars a number of talented Indonesian actors and actresses, Tissa Biani, Kevin Julio, and Antonio Blanco Jr. (Ant/Z-1)

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