America, Germany and Poland are discussing joint military exercises

The German Minister of Defense announced that Washington, Berlin and Warsaw are considering holding joint military exercises soon in Poland within the framework of NATO, in the face of the Russian threat on the eastern front.

Minister Boris Pistorius said in a statement to the General Authority for Broadcasting in the Federal Republic of Germany “ARD” that “there are ideas” in this regard, but he indicated that he was not in the process of confirming them “at the present time” or giving more details.

Pistorius stressed that the idea of ​​such joint military maneuvers in a country bordering Ukraine, if conducted, would send a “very clear” message to NATO and “also to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

The German minister stated that these maneuvers would send a clear message because “NATO is far from being as weak as he thought long ago,” the Russian president, and made it clear that the bloc is “stronger and much more united than it was last year,” that is, before Russia launched its attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

On the other hand, the German Defense Minister said that the aim would be to reassure the “eastern front” of NATO.

“For Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Baltic states, Slovakia and others, it is very important to see Germany, as the most important European member of the alliance, and the United States, as the transatlantic partner, stick to their defense commitments within the organization,” he said.

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