Amis man went to Wu to become a volunteer soldier Su Zhenchang expressed his position

Reporter Zheng Peiwen/Taipei Report

The Amis men went to Wu as a volunteer army, and Su Zhenchang made a statement. (Photo/Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)

The war between Russia and Ukraine is raging. Ukrainian President Volunteer Zelensky recently called on volunteers from all over the world to join in to form a volunteer army once morest Russia. It was reported that Wang Ruiti, a young Amis in our country, applied for joining. In response to this, Executive President Su Zhenchang said today (22) when answering the question, Young people defending their families and the country and working together for universal values ​​are worthy of recognition, but instead of going there to fight, Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng replied that “it is not encouraged”, which is also right.

Wang Ruiti, a 35-year-old Taiwanese Amis man in my country, officially submitted an “International Mercenary Application” to the Ukrainian Embassy in Finland on the 21st. After a preliminary interview, he is currently waiting for the notification of admission.

The Legislative Yuan Council today invites the President of the Executive Council, So Ching-cheong, to lead the cabinet members to put forward the policy policy and policy address for further questioning. When questioned by Kuomintang legislator Liao Wanru, he pointed out that he had asked Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng at the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan, and pointed out that some Chinese people wanted to go to Ukraine voluntarily to join the war. Amis youths also want to participate. I don’t know what Su Kui’s attitude is?

Su Zhenchang responded that the whole country condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in unison and boycotted it from all sides; however, Liao Wanru interrupted and further asked, “Do you not encourage young people to participate?” Su Zhenchang said that young people protect their families and protect the country And working together for universal values ​​is worthy of recognition, but instead of going there to fight, the Minister of Defense replied that he is not encouraged, which is also correct.

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Liao Wanru asked, “What’s your answer, Dean?” Su Zhenchang said bluntly, “I don’t encourage it, this is also right.” She encouraged everyone to protect their families and protect the people. The government did its best to use humanitarian aid. No encouragement.” Is it necessary to impose fines on citizens who went to Ukraine to fight in the same way as South Korea? Su Hui said, “Taiwan is a country governed by the rule of law. To punish all kinds of behaviors, we need laws passed by the Legislative Yuan.”

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