AMJS Sports Journalists and Rahal FC Friendly Match Showcase Passion for Sport and Journalism

2024-04-01 23:46:39
The Moroccan Alliance of Sports Journalists (AMJS) marked a new stage in its mission to promote sport and sports journalism by organizing a memorable event this Monday, April 1. In partnership with the Rahal Football Club, the AMJS orchestrated an emblematic friendly match which brought together former Moroccan international semi-finalists of the Junior Olympic World Cup in 2004 and sports journalists from the AMJS.

Thus, the Rahal Football Club field was the scene of this emblematic meeting where the passion for sport and journalism shone brightly. The former Moroccan internationals, bearers of the country’s sporting heritage, faced the AMJS journalists with passion and determination, thus demonstrating that sport is a passion shared by everyone, whether they are on the field or behind the microphones. .

The event was honored by the distinguished presence of Mr. Abdellatif Moutawakil, president of the Moroccan Alliance of Sports Journalists, and Mr. Abdelouahed Rahal, president of the Rahal Football Club. Also present at this event, Mr. Ahmed Talal, General Director of the media Le7tv, added a touch of prestige to this sporting meeting by emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the media and the world of sport to promote the positive and inspiring values ​​conveyed through sport.

This initiative perfectly illustrates the commitment of these institutions to sport and sports journalism in Morocco, and promises a bright future for these two inseparable areas of national sporting culture.

Abderrazzak Boussaid/Le7tv

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