An accident that frightened the Egyptians.. He slaughtered his wife with a knife in the middle of the street

In a chilling incident, a person ended his wife’s life with a knife, and also cut another person, in the middle of the main road in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt, just because he suspected that there was a relationship between her and another person.

The incident began with the Eastern Security Directorate receiving a notification from the Criminal Investigation Department in the governorate, stating that a woman had been murdered and another person had been seriously injured on the public road in the Hiya police station district.

cut wound

By moving and examining it, it was revealed from the preliminary investigations that the woman was killed by her husband, who ended her life with a knife (knife), and also inflicted a cut wound on another person.

The accused, called “Mr. H”, and his nickname is “Chick”, was seized, and he was in possession of the weapon used in the incident. The injured person was transferred to Hhya Central Hospital to receive medical aid and the necessary treatment, and the body was kept at the disposal of the investigation authorities at Hiya police station, which requested investigations regarding the incident and its circumstances. .

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