An explosion occurred in the center of Brussels this morning: one person was injured

One person was injured in an explosion that occurred late Monday morning in a building on rue des Pierres in Brussels. The person was burned, according to firefighters. She was sent to Neder-Over-Heembeek hospital. Only one apartment is damaged, they said. As for the start of the fire that followed the explosion, it was quickly extinguished, the firefighters reported.

Stéphane attended the explosion, he tells what he experienced to a team from RTL INFO: “I was going to buy myself a beer and at one point I heard a huge noise. And I saw a girl come out. She was lucky she was able to come out. It really blew… roof parts fell on the street”.

©Brussels Fire Brigade

The Brussels firefighters were called on Monday around 12:00 p.m. for an explosion followed by a fire in a building on rue des Pierres in Brussels, a stone’s throw from the Grand-Place. The police also intervened. A security perimeter has been established. The arteries around rue des Pierres, including boulevard Anspach, are closed to traffic. Sibelga, the manager of the gas and electricity distribution network in the Brussels region, is also on site.

©Brussels Fire Brigade

©Fanny Linon

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