ANALYSIS: Bottom of the league. Why Budějovice is fun, but they are last and what is wrong in Jablonec

2023-08-28 14:22:06

A look at the team and individual statistics reveals a lot about the unsuccessful start. However, for example, Karviná’s numbers in many parameters are not bad at all compared to some teams that are doing better in terms of points.

He ranks sixth in the success rate of defensive battles (60.2%). Leader Sparta has a success rate only three percent higher. With 240 balls won, Karviné ranks 8th. With 9 goals scored, he is in 7th place, as well as in the total number of shots (69). Except for the timid performance at Sparta in the last round, the rookie does not play any “concrete”, he creates chances.

The minus is the amount of standard situations (including corners) that she offered to opponents (224 in total). Only Hradec Králové and Zlín have a higher number (228, 247). However, Karvinou is additionally brought down by the mistakes of the goalkeepers. Against Olomouc, Jakub Lapeš deprived the team of points due to a bad kick-off, then Jiří Ciupa made a significant contribution to the narrow loss in Mladá Boleslav.

The latest statistics of České Budějovice show how well they play football. Combinational, significantly offensive. Which is commendable, he wants to achieve results with an attractive game. Unfortunately for Dynamo, the number of shots, passes (Dynamo ranks 6th with 2150 passes), ball possession percentage (55.7%, only Sparta and Slavia are better) do not have a positive effect on the position in the table.

There is no room for mindless kicking in the offensive, combination model and the pursuit of dominance. The team plays from the goalkeeper, with a successful pressing of the opponent, they often have to take risks. However, not only creative midfielders but also defenders must be available for this. However, Dynamo does not have such quality at the back, so it is extremely vulnerable when switching to the attack and losing the ball. Which has a negative effect on the number of goals scored. He is clearly the worst in this “discipline” (19). The second worst Karviná conceded a full 7 goals less.

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The second-to-last Jablonec was affected by the change of coach, the team has not yet been able to absorb the philosophy and demands of coach Radoslav Látal. The highlight was the home duel with Sparta, when Jablonec conceded five goals during the first half. The team failed completely in everything, including tactics.

Eroded self-confidence has a highly negative impact on shooting success, in which Jablonec falls (7.5%, only Pardubice and Bohemians Prague are worse). Together with Pardubice, he scored the fewest goals in the entire competition (4). The attackers are worried. For example, Chramosta produced only 2 shots on goal in six rounds, none of which ended up in the net. Karabec hit the posts three times, scored one goal.

Pardubice and Zlín have a similar problem. For example, Pardubice forward Černý and his colleague Vukadinović from Zlín have so far produced two shots, neither of which went between the posts. In addition, with less than 53%, Zlín is the worst team in the success of defensive battles. In addition, he allowed the opponents the most shots (100, the best Sparta has 59 less) and the most standard situations (247).

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