Angola will have the first caustic soda factory with financing of more than Euro 24 million – news

The province of Benguela will gain the first caustic soda and calcium hypochlorite factory with financing valued at Euro 24,831,412.76 (Twenty-Four Million, Eight Hundred and Thirty-One Thousand, Four Hundred and Twelve Euros and Seventy-Six Cents)

It is also the first factory of this type of product in Angolan territory, included in the Salinas and Alexandre’s House project, whose contract signing, within the scope of the Deustche Bank credit line, takes place today, in Luanda, at the Development Bank facilities of Angola (BDA). These projects in the province of Benguela represent a significant milestone in strengthening the industry and advancing the fishing sector in Angola.

The Salinas Calombolo projects “constitute industrial advances and a tangible commitment to sustainable economic growth and the generation of significant jobs for the Angolan population”, say their promoters. This first factory will also, among its objectives, contribute to the improvement of public health, health and industry, especially in water treatment and surface disinfection.

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Calombolo occupies approximately 5,000 m2 and has a high quality chemical production capacity, contributing significantly to regional development and reducing the trade balance deficit.


The project will generate 32 direct and permanent jobs, in addition to having a positive impact on specialized training and the creation of opportunities in the national job market. Also in the province of Benguela, the Alexandre’s House Project has funding of Euros 47,075,072.90 (Forty-Seven Million, Seventy-Five Thousand, Seventy-Two Euros and Ninety Cents), and is focused on the supply and assembly of a warehouse for receiving, freezing and processing fish in the municipality of Baia Farta.

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The project uses modern vessels for capture, and an advanced industrial unit for processing and freezing fish. It has considerable processing and storage capacity, ensuring continuous production throughout the year. It will create 203 direct and permanent jobs, boosting not only the fishing sector, but also the regional economy.

With the transfer of the Salinas Calombolo and Alexandre’s House projects, within the scope of the Deustche Bank credit line, the BDA marks another important step in boosting strategic sectors in Angola, especially fishing, in which the country has great experience and high potential at regional level.

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