Anti-fake news center Warning don’t share! ‘Pressing the snooze alarm frequently risk of heart disease and dementia’ is distorted news.

According to information published on the issue of pressing snooze alarms often. risk of heart disease and dementia The Anti-Fake News Center is conducting an investigation with the Department of Medical Affairs. Ministry of Health found that such issues is misinformation

Pressing the snooze alarm frequently There was no direct effect on the risk of heart disease. or dementia We normally have an average of 5-6 sleep cycles per night, lasting regarding 90-120 minutes, with four levels of sleep: Non REM I-II (Non REM I-II) sleep. Deep Sleep (Non REM III) and Dream Sleep (REM)

which in normal conditions People wake up following REM, which is easy to wake up. But if being awakened in a phase of deep sleep (Non REM III), it will be difficult to wake up. will affect the habit of sleeping This will result in drowsiness or feeling unrefreshed during the day. These problems can be dealt with by adjusting healthy sleeping habits. Go to bed and wake up on time. Quality sleep and good health habits It will help the body and hormone secretion to be normal. So please people not be fooled. and ask for cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels and for the public to receive information from the Medical Department Ministry of Health You can track information on the website. or call 02 5917007

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