Apologize for crying Huma! Leila, who has been in hiding for 15 days, spoke out and cuddled up to her husband, sweetly shouting: She has more time to fall in love | TVBS | LINE TODAY

2023-11-21 10:11:16
Leila and Tang Yu apologized to the public for taking drugs. (Picture/reproduced from Leila’s IG)

YouTuber member and internet celebrity Leila and her husband Tang Yu were arrested for possession of marijuana on the 6th of this month. At first, they issued separate statements stating that they would cooperate with the investigation and that the investigation would not be made public, so they did not respond. The next day, the couple released a video, admitting that they had taken drugs in Taiwan and Thailand. Layla burst into tears and apologized for her behavior, “I denied it immediately. I did something that no mother in the world should do. ”, and then disappeared. Fifteen days after the incident, Leila updated the social media today (21st) and revealed her recent situation.

Leila posted an intimate photo with her husband Tang Yu on the IG limited time feed. She was seen leaning against her husband, cuddling up to him, showing off the appearance of a little woman. She also wrote about her recent mood on the photo: “I have a lot more time to fall in love.” It can be seen that the two of them had a fulfilling life during their stay in Shenyin, and they could finally take a breather from their busy lives.

In fact, Layla actually denied taking drugs when she was arrested. Later, she found out that the paper could not contain the anger, so she quickly released a video apology after Joeman, “I want to express my gratitude to all the public and people who care about me, including my parents. , and all my relatives and friends apologized. At the first time, I denied everything, which was wrong and against my will. I often say that we should all face our truest selves, so I want “Admit my mistake to everyone, I did something that no mother in the world should do,” and bowed several times in the process, sincerely hoping that the public would give them a chance and promise not to do it again.

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