Apple has a solution to make you hear the dialogues better, but it is not given

2023-06-12 09:16:15

With tvOS 17, Apple will allow you to boost the volume of dialogue in movies and series … provided you also have a second generation HomePod speaker.

The 2nd generation HomePod // Source: Tristan Jacquel

In recent years, viewers have had more and more difficulty perceiving the volume of dialogue in films or TV series. A problem that has several causes, including the better sound dynamics of the audio systems, the greater efficiency of the cells of the microphones used or quite simply the sound mixing in post-production — on this subject, we can only recommend the video of Vox on the subject.

To remedy this, it is increasingly common to constantly play with the remote control to increase the volume of the dialogues, while reducing the sound in the action scenes. Some viewers have even gotten into the habit of turning on the subtitles, even when the movie or series is dubbed or in their native language.

In order to reduce these constraints, platforms offer more and more solutions to automatically boost the volume. This is already the case on some sound bars which will offer modes to highlight the voices. At Amazon, the Prime Video service has been offering a function for a few weeks specifically allowing dialogues to be pushed. And Apple has also launched a similar function, as spotted by the site 9to5Mac.

With tvOS 17, the system fitted to Apple TV boxes, the manufacturer now offers users a new sound mode, soberly called “improved dialogues”, which can be found in the “options audio“alongside the”decrease loud sounds ».

A function compatible only with the HomePod 2

However, this option is not offered on all content, but only on those that use the system video player natively integrated into tvOS. In addition, this feature is only offered if you use the Apple TV box connected to the manufacturer’s HomePod 2 speakers. It will therefore not be possible to enjoy it without the speaker or even with a previous generation speaker, whether it is the first HomePod or the HomePod mini. A limitation which could result from the difference in design at the level of the speakers, but which still costs the trifle of 349 euros.

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For now, this feature is only offered with the beta version of tvOS 17 and the beta version of the HomePod 2. However, it should be offered in final version in the coming months.

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