Apple vs Swiss Fruit Union: The Battle for Apple Image Rights Intensifies

2023-06-20 07:53:22

In a strange incident, the American company Apple, the oldest apple trading company in Switzerland, is pursuing to “hijack” property rights over apple images and apple logos.

The Swiss Fruit Union company, which dates back to more than 111 years, uses the logo of a red apple, covered by the famous Swiss flag.

According to Wired, the oldest and largest fruit farming company in Switzerland fears it will have to change its famous logo because Apple is trying to obtain intellectual property rights to images of apples.

“Their goal here is really to own the rights to the ‘actual apple’,” said the Swiss company’s president.

According to World Intellectual Property Organization records, Apple has submitted similar applications to dozens of intellectual property authorities around the world, with varying degrees of success.

Authorities in Japan, Turkey, Israel and Armenia approved the US company’s requests.

The company expressed “concern” about the “excessive legal force” with which Apple officials are entering to obtain image rights to apples in Switzerland.

So far, Apple has not succeeded in owning the image rights to the apple in Switzerland, but it keeps trying.

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