Apple Watch8 Rumors | Increase the screen to 2 inches and add body temperature measurement? The 6 latest rumors

Apple Watch 8 rumors | The next few months will be the peak period for the release of various technology products. On Apple’s side, in addition to the much-anticipated iPhone 14, Apple Watch, another important product line, is also rumored to be launching a new product at the same time. generation, and there are obvious big changes compared to the previous generation, which makes users look forward to it even more.

Apple Watch 8 adds body temperature monitoring to instantly notify users if they have a fever

In recent years, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has been well-informed in the Apple industry chain, recently quoted sources and pointed out that Apple Series 8 will add a new temperature monitoring function, but according to Mark, this function will not Like a traditional thermometer, it simply displays the current body temperature of the same household, but combines temperature data and other algorithms to determine whether the user has a fever.

Fever has been identified as an early symptom of many infectious diseases. If it can be reminded early by Apple Watch, it will greatly save time for medical treatment (Figure Webringnet)

In fact, this feature is not the first time that it has been reported. More than one source has pointed out that the current generation of Apple Watch Series 8 will add body temperature monitoring, and in addition to reminding users if they have a fever, this feature is rumored to be referenced to birth plans. By monitoring female users’ body temperature changes due to their menstrual cycle, it can help predict the days when they are more likely to become pregnant.

Apple Watch will push 3 models?

According to the current news, the Apple Watch released by Apple in September, in addition to the mid-level basic Apple Watch Series 8, will also launch a new generation of the affordable Apple Watch SE.

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But it is said that Apple will also add a more expensive model to it, which is advertised for extreme sportsmen. It will use a metal material stronger than aluminum to better resist shocks, and the screen will also be enlarged to nearly 2” size and 410×502 resolution, making it the largest screen style in the current Apple Watch lineup.

As the body and screen of the extreme sports version increase, the built-in battery capacity is also expected to increase, which will enhance the endurance performance that has been plagued by users, but the price will also increase. The price will start from $699, which is about $5500 in Hong Kong dollars.

Apple Watch Series 8 Six Rumors Roundup

It is currently expected that Apple will release a new generation of Apple Watch Series 8 together with the iPhone 14 in September. Although most of the functions/designs still need to be officially confirmed, the previous rumors have also provided us with a lot of reference directions. ????????????

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