“Apple’s Rumored Detachable Virtual Vision Headset with Magnetic Interface and USB-C: All You Need to Know”

2023-04-24 03:37:21

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed in the new “Power On” column that the virtual vision head-mounted device that Apple is rumored to announce during WWDC 2023 will adopt a detachable design for the head-mounted device and battery, and the power supply connection The method will be designed with special specifications, and it will be fixed more intuitively through a magnetic interface similar to MagSafe. In order to prevent it from falling off during use, a rotatable locking mechanism will be added.

In addition, it seems that the signal transmission line will still be designed in the form of USB-C, so it may be divided into two lines with the power supply line.

The external battery may adopt a design similar to the MagSafe mobile power supply used by the iPhone. It can be connected and charged through the USB-C interface. A single battery can maintain the virtual vision headset for about 2 hours of use, and can be quickly replaced.

As for the virtual vision head-mounted device that Apple is expected to announce, many details will present a “first” design sense, so many people may think that there is room for improvement.

If there is no accident, Apple will still continue the software and hardware integration method of iPhone and app, so that users can have a more complete experience, and solve the problem that most virtual vision headsets do not have enough software service content to support the experience.

In addition to bringing Apple’s own software services to virtual vision headsets, Apple may also bring its services such as Freeform, Fitness+, and Apple Books to virtual vision application scenarios, and it can also be linked with iPhone and iPad devices.

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