“Are you crazy, Mom?” As usual, Dr. Oh Eun-young’s words about Lee Ji-hyeon’s son who was kicked + beaten by hand (my golden bastard)

Finally, can Woo-Kyung be different? Woo-kyung, the son of Jee-hyun Lee, a jewelry graduate who has been a source of concern since the beginning of her appearance on JTBC’s ‘I Raise’ last year. For Woo-Kyung, who doesn’t hesitate to kick when she doesn’t get what she wants, as if she’s taking advantage of her mother’s resolute weakness, Dr.

On the 25th, in Channel A’s ‘My Golden Baby’, the third story of Lee Ji-hyeon and Woo-kyung is drawn, and Dr. Oh Eun-young is scheduled to start coaching in earnest.

As always, Woo-kyung starts to make a fuss. When Lee Ji-hyun didn’t answer, Woo-kyung said, “Why don’t you answer me when I call you like this? Are you crazy mom? If it’s a person, tell me.” He started kicking. Woo-kyung beats her still mother with her hand. Dr. Oh Eun-young got up immediately and said, “This is absolutely not going to happen. Take a step back.” He stopped Wookyung…

Woo-kyung yells “No” and even beats Dr. Oh Eun-young. However, Dr. Oh Eun-young did not give in and continued her teaching, saying, “You must never hit people.”

However, if the teaching had worked immediately, Wookyung would not have come this far. Dr. Oh Eun-young said that her mother did nothing wrong, but she said, “Mom should apologize,” and she grabbed Woo-kyung’s hand, who was beating Lee Ji-hyun, and said, “This is an act that hurts people. Absolutely not.” He stares at Woo-Kyung with unshakable eyes, and at this moment, Woo-Kyung blinks momentarily, as if in bewilderment.

In a situation in which Lee Ji-hyeon has already given the lead in the relationship to her son Woo-kyung, Dr. Oh Eun-young not only spends over two hours teaching Woo-kyung so that Lee Ji-hyun can regain the initiative as a mother, but also says, “I will go even if it gets dark.” It was revealed that he would never give up, and he was moved.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when she was 4 years old, in the previous broadcast, said, “There are many aspects that cannot be seen as symptoms of ADHD. Woo-kyung is a very delicate child, like a glass.” Regarding Lee Ji-hyun, who has to accept the child when she feels sorry for him, “Leadership doesn’t work at all. The situation is already at the bottom.”

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