Arkab receives representative of Qatar Energy Bank and Executive Chairman of Gulf Petroleum Company

2023-06-18 23:23:44

ALGIERS- The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, received on Sunday at the headquarters of his department, the representative of the Qatari Energy Bank, Khalid Ben Jaber Al-Thani and the executive chairman of the oil company, Gulf Petroleum, Abdul Aziz Hamad Al Dulaimi, with whom he discussed means of cooperation and joint investment, said a statement from the ministry.

The meeting held in the presence of ministry officials made it possible “to examine the business and investment opportunities offered to the oil company, Gulf Petroleum in particular and Qatari companies in general, in the fields of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, through the establishment of promising investment projects for both parties in Algeria,” the statement added.

On this occasion, the Minister presented “an overview of the development program for the Energy and Mines sector, as well as the content and objectives of the new law on hydrocarbons with a view to relaunching research activities of hydrocarbons and their exploitation in Algeria, in the light of the new law on investment which constitutes a real achievement capable of contributing to the achievement of an integrated and sustainable development, in addition to creating a real investment climate for encourage investors and promoters of national and foreign projects”.

To this end, the two parties have shown “a great interest in the creation of cooperation and investment opportunities, given the opportunities and the great means of investment offered, and by the deep-rooted and exceptional historical relations uniting the two brother countries”, specifies the same source.

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The meeting also made it possible to examine “means of cooperation and investment, through mutually beneficial partnership projects, particularly in terms of renewable energies, local manufacturing of equipment for the oil industry and exploitation of mineral resources to obtain raw materials used in the various manufacturing industries”, concludes the document.

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