Artificial intelligence impersonates Scarlett Johansson…and the latter is suing

2023-11-03 09:50:04

Just as artificial intelligence has a useful and positive side, it also has a dark side!

How is that?… Simply put, some people working with modern digital technology take advantage of the ease of applying artificial intelligence techniques to tamper with people’s voices, images, and stories. Many people find, after a while, that this voice does not belong to its owner, or that this photo was cleverly placed in a place other than the one in which it was taken. .

Since the spread of voice fingerprinting techniques, which make it easy to transfer anyone’s voice and place it on any video, without the permission, knowledge or approval of its owner, social media platforms began to be filled with unimaginable wonders, several months ago, such as: Muhammad Abdo singing a song. The famous children’s series “Grandizer,” or we hear the voice of Abdel Halim Hafez singing the famous song by Kazem El Saher, “Laila,” and even dubbing famous historical sayings from obscure characters, with the aim of fame and falsifying facts.

Artificial intelligence impersonates Scarlett Johansson

It seems that the famous stars of the Western world, especially artists and players, have become the target of some commercial brands, with the aim of marketing them through them, as they have fallen victim to “artificial intelligence hackers,” which prompted some of them to declare, publicly, that they are not responsible for what was published, as it is their participation in Some commercials.

The last of these stars is Scarlett Johansson, who decided to take legal and judicial measures against those who used her voice to promote a product.

In detail, the Hollywood star appeared in a short advertisement on the “X” website (formerly Twitter), with an application for creating artificial intelligence images, called “Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar”, and she is promoting one of the products of this application, as Scarlett’s lawyers confirmed, in Press statements for the Variety magazine website said that they had initiated actual legal measures against the application, which took advantage of the ease of using the international star’s voice and image, and created a video using artificial intelligence, in which Scarlett appeared promoting the application and its commercial operations.

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Although the aforementioned application deleted the video hours after it was broadcast, last Saturday evening, Scarlett’s lawyers are determined, under the direction of the star, to escalate the matter judicially and legally, to prevent what happened to her from happening again.

According to the magazine’s website, the supposed advertisement begins with scenes from the scenes of her famous movie, “Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Widow,” and she appears saying: “How are you? I am Scarlett, and I want you to come with me.”

The ad then shows AI-generated images of the star, with a fake voice imitating Scarlett’s tone continuing to promote the app.

The star Tom Hanks had found himself in a similar situation, earlier last October, when he indicated on his official page on the “X” platform that he had not made any promotional advertisement for one of the dental clinics in the United States of America, and that he wanted to warn his fans against Fall into this trap.

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