Assassin’s Creed: Visions – A Novice’s Guide to the 8-Hour Experience, Mission Solutions, and Cat Interactions

2023-10-06 04:28:49

▲ 8-hour experience of Assassin’s Creed: Visions: A novice experience for the first time, characterized by many mission solutions, and recommending if you can touch the cat. For players like me who have never been exposed to the Assassin’s Creed series of games, starting from Assassin’s Creed Visions is the most obvious. The feeling is that it is a little different from the games I have played before. You need to plan before taking action. Instead of directly fighting the enemy face to face, it is much easier to patiently plan a route and go around the enemy’s back to assassinate him. Pickpocketing from passers-by is also easier to obtain treasures than solving quests or opening treasure chests, and you can play without spending time fighting monsters and acquiring equipment. The following article will not mention the plot of the game, and the screenshots may contain thunderous associations. If this is unacceptable, please read it carefully. It takes time to get used to the operation and plan the stealth and escape routes before taking action. Players who have not played the Assassin’s Creed series of games will find it difficult to control the direction of the character’s parkour at first. Fortunately, there will be about an hour of plot combined with the teaching mode in the early stage. Familiarize yourself with the instructions. The character climbing or jumping system in the game will align itself in the direction. Once you grasp the general direction, you can jump in this way. At first, it will be difficult to control because of the automatic movement of the character, but once you get used to it, it will become easier. I find this way of playing much easier. The most impressive part of playing Assassin’s Creed: Illusion is that in the past, after playing the game, you could practice character operation and become familiar with it, and then rush directly into the enemy’s formation to kill randomly. Sometimes you could gain the upper hand and kill the enemy. However, in this game, the number of enemies is too large and you may accidentally be surrounded. Death is inevitable, especially since the number of assassination knives is limited, and long-range attacks alone are not enough. Therefore, before each action, you need to spend time thinking about hiding spots, planning routes around the enemy, and escape routes. If you are accidentally surrounded by enemies, it will be really difficult to escape, but luckily it is easy to escape and hide well. The rear guard quickly gave up the pursuit. ▲After entering the controlled area, you must be careful to avoid the enemy’s sight. The system will assist the character with parkour to make escape easy. ▲Instead of fighting the enemy face to face, it would be more fun and easier to solve the mission by assassination. Many of the key points in solving missions are to tear up the wanted poster. When completing the main mission, the target of the mission command will be surrounded by a large number of enemies. I have tried to rush directly into the enemy formation to confront the enemy head-on, or I have tried to spend a lot of time to slowly go around. Use assassination methods behind each enemy, or sneak and hide in the grass without killing anyone until you reach the destination and then sneak out. The game emphasizes the theory of consequences. The process can be played freely, as long as it is not discovered by the enemy. Yes, the gameplay is very free and there is a lot of sense of accomplishment when unlocking achievements. The most direct impact on the difficulty of the game is the notoriety value. When you accidentally injure people or are seen killing people, the notoriety value will increase. As the number of times increases, the number of enemies on the road will increase. Even the roofs will be monitored by guards. Sometimes you will be seen in the middle of parkour and then be chased. If you don’t have rights coins, you can bribe the herald to eliminate the notoriety. The first task is to find the location of the wanted poster. After tearing it off, the notoriety can be eliminated, although it is very troublesome. But the search process is also very interesting. ▲ Before solving the task, go around and check around. You can see various types of citizens. Using more of them can make the task less difficult. ▲In addition to getting behind the enemy, throwing torches or whistling can also be fun to attract enemies. ▲When the notoriety is too high, there will even be guards on the roof. If you don’t have coins to bribe the herald, you have to tear down the wanted poster quickly. The advantage is that it can parkour flexibly. The disadvantage is that it is easy to get lost. If you are not familiar with this game at all, you will think that the ropes on the roof and the upright branches in the river are just landscaping, but you never expected that these are also Basim’s creations. At first, I was not used to letting the system automatically jump to the place where I would stand when parkour. I always felt like I was going to fall to the ground. But after I got used to it, I found that parkour is very convenient, especially when escaping from a restricted area, you can quickly use the wall. Climb up the rocks on the ground, get out of the enemy’s sight and squat down immediately to escape the enemy’s pursuit. Although you can use eagle eye to see the location of enemies and door bolts during the game, because there are few terrain prompts, sometimes you want to enter the room but cannot find the door. It may be behind a curtain, or you need to break it through Shooting knives from the window broke the door latch. When I first started playing, I always walked around the house several times before finding the entrance. If you are someone who easily gets lost in the game, you will probably spend a lot of time finding your way. ▲There are many details in the city streets. There may be entrances or treasures under the curtains or behind the shelves. Baghdad-style music is good and the history is exquisite. The details of the city can be savored carefully. After entering Baghdad, when you arrive at special attractions, they will be included in the classics, and you can view the real stories in history and detailed introductions to the attractions. The details in the city are full of exotic You can sometimes see docks, markets or ancient bridge piers on the road. It is also very comfortable to just wander around the city when you are not sure about the task. Especially when you stand on the rooftops of the city and look at the scenery, you will feel a little moved. ▲There are many details in the city and the music is nice to listen to. When you look down from a high place, you will find that the scenery is very good. ▲The little easter egg is that sometimes you will encounter a wild cat on the roof, and you can give instructions to pet the cat.

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