ATE raised discomfort and the government estimated a payment date

2023-07-03 22:42:35

This week began the payment of salaries corresponding to the month of June to the Río Negro public administration that will continue these days, although a concern arises from the State Workers Association (ATE) due to the lack of confirmation of the payment date of the bonuses.

In a statement, the union said that «Río Negro is in one of the few provinces that has not announced its liquidation. The state companies want to clear up doubts regarding possible financial problems.

The union demanded that the Government “confirm what will be the day of payment of the Complementary Social Salary half to clear up doubts regarding possible financial problems related to provincial debt and bring certainties to the state family.

In the last hours, the general secretary of ATE, Rodolfo Vicente, maintained contacts with some provincial authorities, which confirmed that there is no pressure on dates but They estimated that it would be from Thursday, July 20.

As reported, The ATE leadership reiterated its concern and does not rule out days of protest once morest the discontent of its affiliates.

“We have collected concerns in various work sectors regarding the date of payment of the Christmas bonus and this leads us to ask the government for certainty,” said Vicente.

Payment schedule in Río Negro

The payment schedule began on Saturday corresponding to June salaries with the Health sector, including overtime and guards.

It is Tuesday the payment will continue with the police and prison personnelMeanwhile he Wednesday The salaries of teachers and porters will be paid.

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He Thursday The deposits corresponding to the personnel of Law 1844 and of Vialidad Rionegrina will be made, in addition to the pensions of the volunteer firefighters.

Finally, the Friday The schedule will be completed with the payment to the agents of the Legislative and Judicial Powers, as well as to the control organisms.

It is important to note that the Provincial Government will pay an increase of 8% for the salaries corresponding to the month of June, which is paid in July. This percentage was agreed in the last joint negotiation with the unions.

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