Attack of a military escort transporting gold to Arlit

2023-04-18 05:14:57

An attack by a military escort transporting gold which left the Tchibarkaten gold site on Sunday April 9, 2023 for Arlit (Agadez region), resulted in the death of 5 people and 5 injuries, according to a press release from the Nigerien armed forces, of which the ANP received a copy.

After this incident, and on the instructions of the President of the Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief of the Defense Staff, Major General Abdou Sidikou Issa paid a visit to the area on Monday April 10.

It was for the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and the main leaders of the FAN to go on site to assess the security situation in this area of ​​Operation Tchibarkaten and give new directions.

It should be noted that there were also in the delegation of the Chief of Defense Staff the military officials of the defense zone N°2 of Agadez.

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