rewrite this title A “ripou” policeman arrested Monday morning south of Charleroi, for a case of arms and narcotics trafficking

A police officer from the Germinalt area in Thudinie, South of Charleroi, was detained on suspicion of involvement in drug and weapon trafficking while on duty. The officer was discreetly investigated for a while until the investigating judge gave the green light on Monday. The Charleroi prosecutor’s office declined to comment while stating that the … Read more

Heart failure: 1.5 million French people affected

In health, there are unfortunately prevention issues that require regular booster shots. This is the case for the early diagnosis of heart failure. Theme at the heart of an awareness campaign, “Heart failure: what if your heart was trying to tell you something?” “, conducted by Medicare. The first part had […] The article Heart … Read more

After 711 days of captivity, journalist Olivier Dubois has finally been released: a “huge relief”

When he got off the plane, Olivier Dubois appeared smiling and visibly moved, dressed in an open white shirt and beige pants. The release of the journalist is a “huge relief” after 711 days spent in Mali in captivity, “the longest for a French journalist held hostage since the war in Lebanon”, welcomed Reporters Without … Read more

Smoke from forest fires destroys the ozone layer

The fires that ravaged Australia in 2020 weakened the ozone layer, the filter that protects the Earth from solar radiation. And the worst is yet to come according to the researchers. In 2019 and 2020, deadly fires burned approximately 46 million acres of Australian landbillowing thick clouds of smoke into the sky, earning them the … Read more