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[Today Media/Reporter Li Zudong reported]Mom Cao has had a number of lumbar vertebrae spurs for a few years. She normally has again ache and leg ache, however inside an appropriate vary, she will nonetheless maintain herself in each day life. Sometimes when the ache worsens, she solely must take anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine to proceed residing. Nonetheless, after a visit final month, Mom Cao’s situation took a pointy flip for the more serious.

The following morning after returning house, Mom Cao had extreme ache in her waist, her legs had been uncontrolled, she was limp and fell down on the mattress. When she went to the Qixian Backbone Surgical procedure Hospital for a checkup, her legs had been fully paralyzed. After an emergency examination to rule out different acute illnesses, she was identified with cauda equina syndrome brought on by extreme lumbar bone spurs. Dr. Cai Donghan, deputy director of the Division of Neurosurgery, instantly carried out surgical procedure to alleviate nerve compression and gave her nerve restore medicine. The day after the operation, Mom Cao’s ache was diminished by 90%, and the power of her legs started to slowly get well. After a month of rehabilitation, she was capable of stroll with crutches, and now she nonetheless receives intravenous drip remedy at a set time, and the purple spots on her pores and skin have begun to subside.

What’s Cauda Equina Syndrome?
Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) is a critical neurological emergency brought on by compression of the nerve roots within the decrease lumbar backbone. Frequent causes embody lumbar disc herniation, bone spurs (bone hyperplasia), tumors or infections. Signs normally contain extreme low again ache, decrease limb weak spot, numbness or paresthesia, and should even result in incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Case examine of Mama Cao
Mom Cao’s expertise describes intimately the onset and remedy means of cauda equina syndrome:

1. Sudden paralysis: The day after returning house from her journey, Mom Cao felt extreme ache in her waist, her legs turned weak and limp, she was unable to stroll, and fell down on the mattress.
2. Hospital examination: After being despatched to the hospital, different acute illnesses had been dominated out and it was confirmed that it was cauda equina syndrome brought on by extreme lumbar bone spurs.
3. Emergency surgical procedure: Instant surgical procedure is carried out to alleviate compression, and dietary drips and interventional injections are given for nerve restore.
4. Postoperative restoration: The day after the operation, the ache was relieved by 90% and the power of each legs steadily recovered. After a month of rehabilitation, Mrs. Cao was capable of stroll with crutches.
5. Steady remedy: Obtain intravenous drip remedy at mounted instances, and the pores and skin purpura will start to subside.

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Remedy and prognosis of cauda equina syndrome
Cauda equina syndrome is a medical emergency and requires early surgical procedure to alleviate nerve compression. After surgical procedure, nerve restore treatment is normally actively administered to speed up nerve restoration and cut back the chance of sequelae. Nonetheless, regardless of well timed remedy, some sufferers should still have sequelae reminiscent of persistent paresthesia, impaired motor operate, or urinary and bowel dysfunction.

Prevention and precautions
1. Common check-ups: Particularly for sufferers who have already got lumbar issues, common check-ups must be performed to detect potential issues early.
2. Preserve a wholesome way of life: keep away from extreme fatigue, keep good posture, and do applicable train to strengthen the waist and again muscle mass.
3. Search medical consideration promptly: For those who expertise signs reminiscent of extreme low again ache, leg numbness or weak spot, it’s best to search medical consideration promptly to keep away from worsening of the situation.

Dr. Tsai Tung-Han appeals:
Mom Cao’s expertise reminds us that lumbar backbone issues shouldn’t be underestimated. As soon as irregular signs seem, it’s best to search medical consideration as quickly as doable to keep away from delaying remedy and inflicting extra critical penalties.
I hope this text can improve everybody’s understanding and consciousness of cauda equina syndrome, and assist them detect and deal with it early to guard their well being.

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