Bangkok Permanent Secretary orders 50 districts to walk home. vaccination group 608

On 19 April 65, Mr. Khajit Chatchavanich, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Chaired the meeting of the Center for Management of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Bangkok No. 13/2565 via a teleconference system at Rattanakosin Room. Bangkok City Hall (Sao Chingcha) Phra Nakhon District

Mr. Kajit said that he emphasized that various agencies Public relations for the public to test for Covid-19 with an ATK test kit because during the past Songkran festival Have several days off in a row people have travel back to domicile or having activities within the family which may cause the outbreak of covid-19 in order to prevent and control the epidemic of coviral-19 Therefore, we ask for cooperation to encourage people to act as follows: 1. Observe your symptoms within 7-10 days and strictly follow the DMHTA measures, the universal prevention measure. 2. If symptoms are found or are at risk, ATK should be tested immediately. If the result is negative, consider repeat testing after 7 days or when symptoms occur. 3. During the observation period, avoid meeting people unnecessarily. If you have to meet other people, you should wear a mask or cloth mask at all times. 4. Consider working outside the office location (Work from Home) as appropriate.

In this regard, the public can obtain an ATK test kit to detect COVID-19. By yourself through the application “Bao Tang” by entering the application “Bao Tang”, click on the menu “Free Covid Test Kit” and take an assessment form to request a COVID-19 test kit. Then press confirm. In the case of evaluation results that You are eligible for a COVID-19 test kit due to the risk of contracting COVID-19. You can get it within the day of the assessment. Follow the steps as follows: 1. Confirm your identity by scanning the QR Code that the clinic sends through the Bao Tang app by selecting the Scan QR menu to receive the test kit. Click on the menu “Services Near Me”, which will have units. Medical clinic services near home, near home, branches near home that participate in distributing test kits You can call the service unit before receiving the test kit. to make an appointment to pick up a test kit According to the number stated in that service unit (1 customer will receive 2 test kits for 2 tests, in case of negative result, repeat test in 5 days) when testing for COVID-19 by yourself at home Record the test results through the Bao Tang app, select the Save test result menu, if the result is positive, save the test result and press “confirm” that the infection was found and choose the next treatment route.

Bangkok Permanent Secretary has also urged all relevant agencies that Speeding up the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine for the public to cover everyone especially those at risk 608 and those who have not been vaccinated To be immune to COVID-19 Because Omicron strains can spread and infect easily. Everyone needs to get the full range of vaccines prescribed to keep their immune system as strong as possible. for the nature of COVID-19 Omicron species No less violent than other species. if the body is weak No immunity or reduced immunity from not receiving all the vaccinations according to the criteria or did not receive a booster vaccine may cause infection and continue to spread Including the present found that most of the deceased are elderly people. person with underlying disease People who have not been vaccinated or who have not received a booster shot Bangkok therefore invites the elderly to group of people with underlying disease Group of people who have not received complete vaccination criteria or have not received a booster vaccine Come to get vaccination services at hospitals and injection points outside the hospital, all 6 points that are open for walk-in service (Walk-in), no need to book an appointment. For the safety of yourself, your family and society as a whole, including point 1, the Vaccination Center Wesn Sports Building 1, Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japanese) Point 2 Thanya Park Point 3 Central Rama 3 Point 4 Central Pinklao Point 5 Central Eastville and Point 6 Robinson Ladkrabang

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has emphasized that the officers go to inspect all nursing homes to meet the standards because the elderly are at risk and to look at the subject of vaccination in the elderly Whether the vaccination is complete or not, if it is not complete, the BMA will inject it and let 50 district offices compile a list of 608 groups for those who have not received the vaccine. Or has already been received and the distance to be injected to stimulate (booster dose) for each district officer to walk through the house for vaccination.”

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