Bappenas Gives Awards to Regional Heads with Best Achievements in Preparation, Implementation and Development Planning – 2024-05-08 22:29:26

Bappenas gives awards to outstanding regional heads (MI)

THE MINISTRY of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas) has awarded the 2024 Regional Development Awards (PPD) to regions that have succeeded in achieving the best results in the preparation, implementation and innovation of development planning.

At the 2024 National Development Planning Conference (Musrenbangnas) at the Jakarta Convention Center on Monday (6/5), Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa said that the award was given as a form of motivation and appreciation to regional governments who have played an active role in regional development.

The 2024 PPD winners were selected through a comprehensive and creative evaluation of regional development planning. This award aims to encourage local governments to develop plans that are more consistent, comprehensive, measurable and implementable, as well as to increase synergy between central and regional planning.

Apart from that, the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas is also holding the 2024 Regional Development Expo, an exhibition showcasing regional development innovations from all over Indonesia. It is hoped that PPD 2024 and Development Expo 2024 can become a collaborative platform for regional governments to introduce innovation and regional excellence in planning and to find solutions to overcome development challenges.

During the event, President Jokowi directly handed over the 2024 PPD to recipients in the provincial, district and city categories. The title of First Best Province was won by West Java, Second Best Province was given to South Kalimantan, and Third Best Province was given to DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, in the district category, the First Best District went to Temanggung, the Second Best District went to Banyuwangi, and the Third Best District went to Gowa. The title of First Best City was won by Malang, Second Best City was awarded to Palu, and Third Best City was won by Metro.

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The development program criteria in PPD 2024 include optimal benefits for society from all aspects, from the economy to cultural sustainability. It is hoped that this award can provide motivation and appreciation to local governments who have worked hard and provided innovation in regional development. #MIA (RO/Z-10)

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