“Barcode” on the beaches of Abu Dhabi Corniche and Al Bateen to conduct surveys

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

In line with its vision aimed at continuously upgrading recreational facilities, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the City Municipality Center, has worked to install QR codes (barcodes) on Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach and Al Bateen Beach, which can be scanned by a mobile smartphone and answer some short questions related to a questionnaire About beaches, with the aim of measuring the extent of beachgoers’ satisfaction with the services provided and the quality of facilities, and in order to provide the best services to members of the community.

Visitors to the two beaches can scan the barcode with their smart mobile phones, to express their opinions and their satisfaction with the beach and its services and facilities, to contribute to maintaining its efficiency, which comes within the framework of the municipality’s commitment, and its quest to make community members happy, providing integrated recreational facilities that enjoy civilized services, and maintaining Effectiveness and attractiveness to the audience.

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality confirms that it closely and continuously follows up all questionnaires, through a specialized team at the municipality, in order to measure the extent of visitors’ satisfaction with the beaches and to ensure the happiness of its visitors from all members of society by involving them in the development of facilities on an ongoing basis, in order to provide the best services that enhance quality standards life.

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