Basic-Fit Double Subscription Payments: How Winny Resolves the Issue and Receives Compensation

2023-08-24 09:42:00

Winny is keen on sports. She has been working out at the same gym for about 20 years. But the establishment has changed during all this time. First she went to Sportopolis, then to HealthCity, and now to Basic-Fit. It is with the latter that she has problems, as HBVL relates.

“I paid my subscription immediately throughout the year. In February 2023, I had to renew my subscription. Then, I chose to pay my subscription monthly, with direct debit. Since then, I have paid 29 euros per month via my current account. At the end of July, I saw that 29 euros were also deducted from another account. So, since the beginning of this year, I have paid around 60 euros per month for a membership. It’s too much,” laments Winny, a 43-year-old Belgian.

Realizing the concern, the athlete contacted Basic-Fit. But nothing changes: “I cannot recover these months of double withdrawal. I’m not talking to the right people so that we can find a solution. I don’t even expect a refund. I am happy at Basic-Fit and would like to stay there. But I would still like to have compensation.

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The sports hall reacts to our Flemish colleagues. It states that “After determining that you have paid for your membership twice, we have converted the overpaid amount into a credit. This is a total amount of 188.51 euros. We will now address this issue to renew your subscription. We apologize for the inconvenience”.

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