Battle of Amarin Superfight April 17, the main pair ‘Gaga’ vs. boiling ‘Magnum’

Battle of Amarin Superfight April 17, the main pair ‘Gaga’ vs. boiling ‘Magnum’

Latest movements from “Amarin Superfight: Chang Muay Thai Kiat Petch” a popular boxing show from Amarin TV Channel 34 that will be fought on Sunday, April 17, 2022 at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium. The main antagonist is an eye-washing fight for Gaga, who had lost points to Magnum in the past with the hearts of the whole country.

For Amarin Superfight: Chang Muay Thai Kiatpetch, this match is heavily organized with 8 quality boxing pairs, divided into two sessions, 4 pairs each, with the first part being broadcast live on Amarin TV on Channel 34 from time to time. 16.55-19.00 Part two Live broadcast on the website and Facebook fan page Muay from 19.20 hours onwards.

In addition, anyone who wants to watch the fun and exciting atmosphere on the edge of the stage Can be viewed at Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium for an entrance price of 1,200 baht (including ATK examination fee).

In the main event part of the show, it is the orbit to meet once more of the boxing pair whose result is a win that is the heart of Thai people in the whole country. That is a boxing match between Kaka SCR Pae Minburi. Cambodian martial arts boxing Who has a kicking style, punching rubber legs, heavy punches and strong inner circle with Magnum Bangkok Auto Parts Skilled craftsmen from Ubon Ratchathani Province which is a complete boxing skill thrust in the knees, strong elbow teeth, witty, good square

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In the first meeting of the two, they were considered as close to competing for the black in the final round. And it’s the Magnum side that overtakes the sign in a way that’s unbelievable to the whole country

But in this battle, will Gaga get revenge or will they be revenged by Magnum once more? We have to prove it once more on April 17th.

In addition, the program was also joined by several interesting boxing pairs, such as Mek Choo Expressway vs Nilmangkon Ajarn Sabaithae, Ritpayak Sueakao Muay Thai vs. Jomhort VK Khaoyai and the main event in the second period Petchs. Mui Luk Chao Pho Rong Tom meets Fah Namchai Por Mongkolsap

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