Bill Gates talks in an interview with the BBC about his rivalry with Elon Musk and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

  • James Clayton
  • BBC News, technology reporter

5 mayo 2022


Bill Gates and journalist Mishal Husain during an interview on the BBC’s Today program on Thursday

Bill Gates has long been a proponent of vaccines, but some conspiracy theorists believe he’s using them to track people — and are even yelled at on the street — “which is a horrible thing.”

This is what the Microsoft tycoon said in a wide-ranging interview with the BBC’s Today program broadcast on Thursday, where he said that the conspiracies about him are “crazy”.

He also said that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was a “mistake” and talked about the Elon Musk’s criticism of him.

Bill Gates was until recently the richest person in the world. That title is now held by Elon Musk. But they don’t get along with each other.

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