Blatant transformation: ex-drug addict looks very different today (video)

See the video: Heroin addict makes the jump after years on drugs – thanks to his daughter.

These recordings show a severely addicted young man. Austin Greene of Ohio, 27, has been using alcohol and marijuana since he was a teenager. Hard drugs such as opiates, crystal meth and heroin were added later. He became infected with hepatitis B and C. In February 2019 the absolute low point: After a fungal infection on his spine, he could no longer even walk properly. Greene had long since lost custody of his daughter, who was born in 2013. The thought of his child made the drug addict make a decision. SB Austin Greene: My daughter needed me. She was also getting to the age where she would only know me as a junkie for the rest of her life if I didn’t change my life now. My daughter is everything to me. He entered rehab in November 2020, since then Greene has been clean and has undergone an incredible transformation. He now sees his eight-year-old daughter every day and spends a lot of time with her. SB Austin Greene: The relationship I’ve built with my daughter since I got clean is enough that I don’t want to go back. Greene wants to encourage other addicts on social media, countless people have already seen his videos.

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