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2023-04-20 19:04:06

During a live broadcast just ended, Joe Shelly, Game Director of DIablo IV, and Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director, shared a lot of information regarding the high-level activities of the title as well as the changes made to the game following the Open Beta. Find all the details below!

world levels

  • Boundary Stone Dungeons unlock world levels superiors, which offer a difficulty bigger and awards from best quality.
  • Once in Nightmare, you will have access to Nightmare Dungeonsfind sacred items, and more.
  • THE sacred and ancestral objects unlock at World Tiers 3 and 4 respectively. These have a chance to appear when you kill monsters, and can be useful well beyond of your current level. These can be worn from the level you get them.

Legendary and Unique Items

  • Legendary powers can appear at different equipment locationsallowing you to extract the aspects and put them on other pieces in your possession.

  • Unique items arrive at World Tier 3, are very rare et greatly modify your style of play.

hellish waves

  • Your adventure becomes more difficult when you arrive in a infernal wave. This one greatly modifies The area. Kill monsters and get ashes. Once you find the caches that contain the rewards, they offer items from a specific locationallowing you to search for specific ones.
  • If you die, you lose the ashes that you got.
  • A wave of hell does not last only about an hour. The ashes disappear once the Wave is over.

Nightmare Dungeons

  • THE Nightmare Dungeons are dungeons high replayability. You get Emblems when you perform high level activities. These modify certain dungeons with affixes. You will also find there powerful items.
  • This is where you improve your glyphs for the system Paragonwhich greatly increase your character’s power.
  • You can recycle your Emblems at the Occultist in order to make others that will be more suitable for your build.
  • These are getting more and more powerful.


  • Common and magic Paragon nodes improve some of your stats when you activate them and are the most frequent.

  • Rare Paragon nodes are more powerful and offer additional improvements if you own certain thresholds of prerequisites.
  • Each board has a legendary node, very powerful, but are not the most powerful.

  • Some locations are shrines in which you will place of the glyphs, which affect nearby nodes. These latter can be improved and have a radius of action much more important. You should to make choices in order to best optimize your character.

  • You will have numerous Paragon dots to spend in these trays, your character reaching the level 100.

Beta Feedback

  • Of many modifications were brought to classes following the Open Beta, via player feedback and data collected during these two test weekends.
  • Blizzard adjusted melee classes, which seemed too weak at low level in some cases.
  • The Necromancer also received adjustments in the invocation of his undead.
  • Each class has good options against crowd control effects.
  • A lot slight adjustments have been made, especially to legendary effects.

  • Blizzard brought several changes to dungeons, especially the locations of the objectives in these, so to reduce the necessary round trips. These are now present on your way and you will meet them naturally.

  • It was important that this aspect be resolved in view of the Nightmare dungeons, which offer great replayability.

  • Some goals have also been modified. Once players kill a certain name of monsters in the dungeons, the latter come to meet yousaving you a potentially tedious search.
  • Sometimes you are looking for anima. Now you regenerate your life and have a speed improvement.
  • Dungeon reset option had some problems, allowing for example to save the life of Extreme characters. Now if you are outside of a dungeon, the dungeon will reset in 60 seconds. If partially completed, it will reset in 100 seconds. You can also exit the dungeon through your portal and invite another player, give them party leadership and the dungeon will be reset.
  • Other issues have been fixed, such as ultra-wide screens or World Bosses. These offer always rewards during successive deaths, but less interesting than the first time.

Server Slam

  • A Server Slam weekend will take place May 12-14 in order to put the servers to the test one last time.
  • All changes listed above Will be present in this new test phase.
  • Blizzard optimized many elements on the server side and is more confident for the launch.
  • This extra weekend will make sure everything will work during launch.
  • You will have another chance to get Open Beta Rewards.
  • For this weekend, the level limit will be reduced to level 20.
  • Loot Rates will be similar to what we encounter at launch.
  • Ashava will be available every 3 hours.
  • If you kill Ashava at level 20, you will get Cry of Ashava mount trophy. These cosmetic items are placed on the saddle of mounts.
  • This phase offers the same content than Open Beta.
  • The PC version received many optimizationsDLSS 3 will be available as well as more graphics options.
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  • The Battle Pass will progress through all activities. You will probably finish this one avant to have finished with the current Season, and this never mind your style of play.
  • All dungeons can be transformed into Nightmare Dungeons, but these will be a rotation across Seasons to highlight different objectives, environments, monster families, and experiences. You won’t have no need to know all the dungeons.
  • There will be new content for players participating in the Seasons, but also new features that interest those who do not participate.
  • The class skill tree at launch is just the beginning. Blizzard plans to add new features to these over timeas when of an extension or between seasons.
  • Altars of Lilith are scattered throughout Sanctuary and provide stat bonuses and renown. Renown is reset each Season. There are more activities available only what is necessary to maximize rewards. Once you activate an Altar of Lilith, you unlock this upgrade for all characters in this category. You do not have no need to reactivate them each Season.
  • Some monsters offer specific objects and materials, such as World Bosses and Diffuse Prisms. Some monster families also have a chance higher to give certain types of objects. It concerns unique items also.
  • The Server Slam version will be the launch versionbut Blizzard will listen to feedback at this one and at launch for future improvements.
  • Blizzard is trying to keep combat and navigation alive as separate as possiblethat’s why the developers made some choices like the presence of a mini-map, in place of a map superimposed on the screen, but will follow the returns players about it.
  • In Diablo IVdungeons have no no loading screensbut as the latter have smooth transitions between levels, you don’t notice not necessarily. But the developers will study dungeons of several levels also.
  • The Fields of Hatred have precise level differences in order to avoid abuse. In PvP, you will encounter both players alone and in groups. These ones are large areasthere are two differentyou have elixirs at your disposal, you collect Shards of Hate and you choose where to purify them among several altars scattered in the area.
  • Un live in mai will come back to seasons et the battle pass.
  • No Couch Coop on PC, no keyboards and mice on Console.
  • Diablo IV is a game loot collectionand will add new options Manufacturing over time. This is a game that will receive content regularly.
  • As previously reported, RayTracing will arrive after launch.
  • You can harvest resources from your mount.

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