BNXT League: Liège Basket, first executioner of the Limburg leader

2023-11-05 19:53:20

Not to spoil anything, this tempting poster has a very pronounced Belgian accent on the pitch. In the absence of Hagins, Rodriguez, John Jr and Idawu due to injuries, the six players with the most playing time this Sunday in the Liège camp were Belgian. It almost felt like a national team gathering at times as there were so many (ex-) internationals on the floor.

The fight, sometimes very physical, between Kevin Tumba and Maxime De Zeeuw in the racket set the tone for a committed game and turned in favor of the first city, once again author of a double-double (15 points and 11 rebounds). On the outskirts, Quentin Serron took pleasure on several occasions in outflanking Anthony Cambo, unable to contain his opponent’s impulses. As for Delalieux and Troisfontaines, they did not experience the success that usually characterizes them in long-range shots.

Quite the opposite of Manu Lecomte who was the big man of the match. The captain of the Belgian Lions played at his international level, compiling 31 points (60% success). The Limburg defense never found the solution to stop him. To the great dismay of Raymond Westphalen, who knows Manu Lecomte well having worked with him this summer in the national team as an assistant coach. “I am angry because in the first half, my players did not respect the game plan at all. However, we had clearly pointed out Liège’s strong points,” explained the Limburg coach.

In the Liège ranks, there was satisfaction, with coach Zampier jumping for joy at the final whistle. “The guys were able to feel what it was like to compete against one of the best teams in the league. We reacted well after our last difficult match.”

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A great way to return to success for Liège Basket which remained on a mixed record of two victories in five matches since the start of the competition.

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