Boloş: I no longer tolerate embarrassing praise. After Epiphany, I will request the dismissal of some heads of Customs and ANAF

2023-12-30 11:17:05

The Minister of Finance, Marcel Boloş, criticized, on Saturday, in a press conference, institutions subordinate to the ministry that “brag” regarding the plans they have achieved, giving the example of the Customs Authority. Boloș said that following the Epiphany he will ask the prime minister to dismiss several heads of institutions, such as the Customs Authority and the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF).

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  • “I no longer tolerate embarrassing praise and I tell you directly, with subject and predicate, of the Romanian Customs Authority that it has achieved its plan of one and a half billion in customs duties.
  • Excluding this! I give them bad news: they will start next year with five billion lei per month. If they don’t make their plan, they go home, there is no other option and I say it directly and harshly: this is the target from which we start the discussions with the Romanian Customs Authority”, claimed Boloş, quoted by

He announced that he will demand the change of positions of some heads of ANAF and the Customs Authority:

  • “After the Epiphany, I will go public and ask the Prime Minister to dismiss several leaders from the most important institutions for Romania, and here I am referring to the Romanian Customs Authority, also with subject and predicate I say this, and the National Agency of Fiscal Administration.
  • Of course, here I don’t want to condition anything or appear rude in the relationship with the Prime Minister, we have a correct institutional relationship, but they are too important institutions for the Romanian state, on which the functioning of the Romanian state depends, and that is why I am not tolerant of the lack of performance, involvement and disorder”.
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Boloș referred, in this context, to the fact that he proposed “zero tolerance towards tax evasion”, claiming that the plan in this regard “is not a random one”, but is “complex, articulated, integrated”, built in stages, starting with the introduction of the e-invoice module at the beginning of the year, continuing, also from January 1, with the customs declaration of all goods originating from intra-community purchases, since 40% of the VAT gap of 9 billion euros comes from these purchases. Other stages of the plan are the introduction, from the summer of this year, of the pre-filled VAT return, the introduction of mandatory accounting data reporting, the introduction of anti-tax fraud modules for e-invoices, e-cash registers, e-transport, the introduction of the seal electronic goods, the introduction of scanners in customs from the first quarter of next year, the Minister of Finance also claimed. (Photo:

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