Breakdown in the negotiations between Fellesforbundet and Virke

– We are surprised that Fellesforbundet breaks up so early, before we have really got started. From our side, we have been willing to negotiate within the framework of the front line, says Virke’s head of negotiations, Torgeir Kroken, in a press release.

The joint union’s negotiating leader, Joachim Espe, does not share Kroken’s view.

– That’s not quite right. We have sat for a good number of hours, but we experienced that they did not take the demands we came up with seriously, he says to NTB.

Of the Fellesforbundet’s 4,000 members in this settlement, it has not yet been decided how many may be taken out on strike, but a possible strike might present problems for the grocery industry.

– We have members in several of the large wholesale groups, including Norgesgruppen and Coop. It is clear that there might be problems getting groceries out if they go on strike, says Espe.

Negotiations between the parties started on Tuesday. The union broke off negotiations on Wednesday evening.

Now the next step is the Riksmekleren, but the start of further negotiations is not known.

– Virke goes to the Ombudsman with the aim of reaching an agreement, says Kroken in Virke.

The wholesale agreement is a collective agreement between Fellesforbundet and Virke for employees who work in storage and distribution.

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2024-04-25 05:56:58

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