Brussels: taxis gather to denounce an unequal distribution of races

About thirty taxi drivers gathered in front of the technical office of green taxis on Tuesday in Brussels, Belga noted on the spot. Drivers have complained about an unequal distribution of journeys between street taxis and station taxis (parked in front of stations, hotels, etc.), since the introduction of the application “Sherlock“.

Since January, the application “Sherlock“allows taxi drivers to pre-book the trips that interest them and to view the price. The station drivers, present on Tuesday, explain however that they do not have access to this application. This situation leads, according to them, long periods of inactivity and a distinction between drivers.

Before, we had one, two or even three races per hour. Now sometimes we don’t even have one“, laments Mohamed, a taxi driver for 12 years. “At night it is catastrophic. You can wait three hours without shopping.” “I made a huge drop in turnover, up to 90%“, explains another taxi driver. A meeting between some drivers and the technical office was then planned.

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