Brutal Accident in La Plata: Driver Escapes After Collision with Motorcyclists – Latest Updates

2024-04-21 21:46:45

Two motorcyclists flew through the air following a car hit them head-on in La Plata. (Photo: TN video capture)

A car collided head-on with a motorcycle during the early hours of this Sunday in La Plata and, following the impact, the driver of the vehicle He escaped and the police are looking for him. For their part, the two people who were traveling on the motorcycle had to be hospitalized.

The shocking accident, which was recorded by security cameras in the areahappened at the intersection of streets 122 and 72. In the video you can see that the Renault Clio crosses a green traffic light and from the opposite lane, from the front, the motorcycle comes at full speed.

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The driver of the Clio tried to turn left and it was at that moment that the brutal frontal impact occurred. The two people who were in the Gilera They flew over the car and they were left lying on the asphalt.

The victims were left lying on the asphalt following the accident. (Photo: TN video capture)

The person driving the Clio stopped and a passenger in the back seat opened the door. Although he threatened to get out, he immediately closed the door and the car He left the scene without assisting the victims, identified as Eddy Moraya -driver- and Jacquelina Quispe -passenger-.

A SAME ambulance arrived at the scene and took Quispe to the San Martín hospital, while Moraya was taken conscious to the Berisso hospital. There has not yet been an official report on the state of health of both, but it was learned that the woman is serious.

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According to what police sources reported, they are in an intense search to find the Renaul Clio burgundy. The incident was classified as “wrongful injuries”.

A 20-year-old girl crossed the red light and killed a motorcyclist in La Plata

A 20-year-old driver is investigated for crossing the red light at full speed, which caused him to crash and kill a motorcyclist 36 years old in La Plata. “I play Toretto (in reference to the character from the movie Fast and Furious)the girl had published in her social networks days before the event.

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The accident occurred last Friday, but it was only a week later that the video of the moment of the crash was released. What seemed to be just another road accident took a drastic turn.

As far as he might know TNthe event involved a Volkswagen Gol Trenddriven by a 20-year-old girl, and a Baraj Boxer model motorcycle, driven by Rubén Walter Armand36.

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As was recorded in the images, the driver of the gray car crossed the red traffic light at full speed. corner of Avenue 13 and 532colliding sideways with Armand, who suffered a blow to the head when he hit the asphalt.

The motorcyclist was rushed to the Gonnet hospital, where he unfortunately died due to the serious injuries suffered. The news of his death was confirmed by the health center, a few hours following the incident. The young woman is accused of the crime of “culpable homicide” in a case that is being processed in UFI No. 12, but it has not been detained for the moment.

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