Bukie B Mansyur Says Pusaka Is His First Gore Film – 2024-07-10 13:02:42

Bukie B Mansyur (Instagram @bukiegn)

ACTOR Bukie B Mansyur revealed that the film Pusaka is his first horror film in the gore genre, which involves a lot of action and violence.

“This is the first time I’ve played in a very gory, bloody film, and the first time I’ve worked with Multivision, so I went straight to the point,” said Bukie, quoted Sunday (7/7).

He said that what made him interested in accepting the role of Randi Wisangko was the character that really caught his attention, namely as the owner of an heirloom. In addition, the film Pusaka was directed by Rizal Mantovani, who he said was famous for films with good art.

Bukie said that to get into the character of the child of a collector of heirlooms, he discussed with the director and acting coach and even watched horror series so that he might convey his role well.

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“I was curious regarding the library because in terms of character, I inherited heirlooms from my father who is an heirloom collector, I talked with Mas Rizal, the acting coach, regarding how we can bring out the character so that it fits in better, because the character has to come alive from us, and I also practiced stunts with Susan Sameh,” said Bukie.

Realizing his complex role was also a challenge for him to revive the role in the film Pusaka.

However, he felt helped by the other cast members who helped create a comfortable atmosphere during filming so that the challenge was not too difficult for him.

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“In fact, we became close following filming, we felt like a family, when filming we ate together not only with the cast but also with the crew,” said the actor who played in the Netflix film Agak Laen.

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Bukie said that if he had the chance, he would like to star in a film where he plays a psychopath, and also a film in the art house horror genre with a slow plot.

He wanted to be able to convey a very deep character and wrap it in beautiful shooting techniques.

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Pusaka is a gore horror film that tells the story of a house belonging to Randi Wisangko’s father (Bukie B Mansyur) who has many heirlooms in it and wants to turn it into a museum.

After being investigated, it was discovered that the heirloom had negative energy that threatened everyone involved in it.

The film Pusaka, directed by director Rizal Mantovani and MVP Pictures, is ready to be shown in Indonesian cinemas starting July 18, 2024. (Ant/Z-1)

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