Bus ticket: the Government and companies met to define the increase

2023-12-28 21:13:00

Representatives of bus companies met with officials from the Ministry of Transportation to reach an agreement and normalize services, which are reduced by up to 50% in the AMBA.

Secretary Franco Mogetta held a meeting with the five chambers in the sector. At the end, the vice president of the Argentine Association of Entrepreneurs of the Transport Automotive (AAETA), Luciano Fusaromaintained that the new value of the ticket will be announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the next few hours.

Fusaro added that the meeting was positive and announced that the companies’ services “will become normalized” in the coming days.

For the sector, transport has long been experiencing a deficit between rates and operating costs, which increases with the freezing of the ticket since August due to inflation.

Bus fare: the Kicillof government affirms that it will not be able to pay subsidies in 2024

“The proceeds from tickets are not enough to cover expenses. “The subsidies are 90% of the income.”explained José Troilo, president of the Chamber of Passenger Transportation Companies (CEAP).

Although no further details were released regarding how much the ticket will cost, the cameras point out that it should be worth more than $800: “Companies do what they can.”

Luciano Fusaro, vice president of the Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (AAETA), estimated that rates will be multiplied by 10 starting on the first day of 2024.

For example, The ticket that now costs $52, would be $520, and the longest sections of 60 kilometers, which currently cost $300, would have a price of $3,000, Fusaro pointed out.

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The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniannounced on Tuesday that from January another fee will begin to be paid for bus users.

Subsidy reduction

Luis Caputo, Minister of Economy, indicated in an interview on TN that the reduction of the subsidy will be gradual and it will take several years.

What this proposes is that State financing will not be removed by 100% in a single tranche, but rather that it will be progressive and on this first occasion it would be 35%. If this scheme is approved at the meeting, In the Metropolitan Area the collective will go to $400.


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