By changing the voice on the phone, a solution has been found to avoid the fraudsters

While rapid changes are taking place in the world of technology day by day, people are also being warned not to trust everything and everyone.

Cybersecurity experts have issued this warning in the wake of increasing cases of fraud involving young and senior citizens through artificial intelligence.

These large-scale financial frauds are being carried out by using artificial intelligence to impersonate a person and in the meantime, no evidence is left behind, which makes it difficult to investigate the incident. Let alone the return of stolen money.

This fraud has increased to such an extent that people are now being advised to never listen to any unknown number or call from a stranger.

‘In this new world you can’t trust everyone or everything’

A shocking case of such fraud has come to light in which a person was defrauded over a phone call.

The victim of the fraud received a call from an unknown man telling him that his young son had raped him and that he would now have to pay Rs 50,000 to settle the matter. To confirm this, the man used artificial intelligence to reproduce his son’s voice and recite it to him.

Hearing this, the man immediately transferred 50 thousand rupees, but later found out that his son was fine and it was a fake call.

Experts in the field of cyber security believe that a change in thinking is necessary to meet these challenges.

The case is similar to fraud cases in which the fraudster impersonates a person and calls a friend to tell them that they are stranded in an unknown country and need money urgently.

In this new world you cannot trust every single person or thing. You have to mold yourself into a person who doubts everything and trusts no one.’

Says a cyber security expert at Secure IT Consultancy Services, ‘This happened to a friend of mine who received a message in his friend’s voice on a social media platform requesting immediate help. The message said that he had lost all his belongings and needed money urgently.’

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When the friend in India called to inquire about his friend’s well-being, he was surprised to find that his friend was perfectly fine.
He then told his friend how the message he received on the social media account was his voice. Hearing that message, his friend was also stunned because it was his own voice.

Not only less educated people are becoming the target of such fraud, but well-educated people are also falling in this scam.

“A few days ago I got a call saying that they are talking on behalf of the telecom department. They told me that if I don’t provide them with the information to verify my identity, all the numbers in my name will be blocked by the evening. will be done, so enter the details and press a number to proceed. So anyone can be fooled like this.’

The cyber security expert added, ‘I understood that this is a suspicious case where they take your identity information and then commit fraud.’

According to him, ‘I checked the number on a number identification app from which I came to know that the number is from Madhya Pradesh. Then I blocked it and also registered it as fraud on the app so that if anyone else gets a call from that number, they will know it’s a fraud call.’

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