by defending abortion, the people of Kansas also comforted Biden

“The voters of Kansas have sent a strong message: this fall, Americans will vote to preserve this right,” launched the Democratic president during an intervention at the White House.

Residents of this rural state were the first Americans called to vote on abortion rights since the Supreme Court buried it on June 24, and the ballot was a test before the November election.

An unsurprising result

The Democrats and their leader Joe Biden, weakened by galloping inflation and a slowing economy, hope to save a few seats in Congress by mobilizing their voters in defense of the right to abortion.

The vote in Kansas gave them reason to hope: with a high turnout, nearly 60% of voters rejected on Tuesday a constitutional amendment that would have weakened the right to terminate a pregnancy.

This state in the center of the United States is nevertheless very conservative: in the past 80 years, it has voted only once in favor of a Democratic presidential candidate, and analysts predicted a close result.

For abortion rights advocates, however, the result is not surprising.

“The people of Kansas have proven what has long been said: defending access to abortion is a political winner,” commented Jenny Lawson of the powerful family planning organization. Planned Parenthood.


According to the latest polls, around 60% of the American population supports abortion rights, and while there are significant partisan divides, nearly 40% of Republican voters support it.

In his intervention – virtual because he is still positive for Covid-19 -, Joe Biden called “extremists” elected Republicans who are trying “to ban all abortions in all states”. “They have no idea of ​​the power of American women, but last night in Kansas, they were able to take the measure,” he continued, before signing his second executive order in a month, intended to minimize the effects of the Supreme Court’s regarding-face.

The first offered guarantees at mobile abortion clinicsand sought to protect access to the morning following pill.

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This orders the government to examine ways of extending medical coverage for women forced to travel for abortions. It also plans to promote research on the impact of the Court’s decision and to fight once morest the refusal of care by nursing staff.

“Fight Like Devils”

“I am happy to see that President Biden is encouraged by the victory in Kansas,” commented Rachel O’Leary Carmona, director of the feminist association. Women’s March, in a press release. For her, the people of this state have “told the extremist Republicans […] to go to hell” but they also gave “a lesson to the democrats” on the importance of “organizing and fighting like the devils” to defend women’s rights.

However, Joe Biden’s initiatives remain rather vague and have a limited scope in a country where presidential power, however great it may seem, does not weigh heavily once morest the powers of the States, Congress and the Supreme Court.

They have not prevented a dozen states from banning abortions on their soil and, in the long term, abortion will be almost impossible in half of the 50 states of the country, especially in the south and the more religious center.

Conversely, progressive states seek to sanctify the right to abortion and voters in California, Michigan, Nevada and Vermont will vote, in turn, this year on protective measures.

On Wednesday evening, before the leadership of his party, the president gave a taste of the message that the Democrats will hammer during the upcoming campaign.

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