Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Year 2 Content Includes Fan Favorite Map

Call of Duty Season 2 is currently underway for Vanguard and Warzone, but it’s worth noting that 2020’s Black Ops Cold War is also getting new content. Treyarch has announced that a “new” map, assault rifle, and cosmetic pack will be coming to Black Ops Cold War on March 4.

Although the map introduced in Black Ops Cold War is technically not a new map, players can enjoy a remastered version of the WMD map from Black Ops 1. The snowy map was originally located in an abandoned military installation , where a secret lab was working to weaponize Nova 6 chemicals.

WMD is a fan-favorite map with a design that suits any playstyle. The map features verticality for snipers looking to perch somewhere with a good view, buildings for close-up action, and open sight lines for long-range firefights.

As for the new weapon, Treyarch announced the addition of the Vargo 52 Assault Rifle, which is a weapon many players were able to unlock early through an in-game challenge. Here’s how to unlock the new Assault Rifle Vargo 52. The Vargo 52 is described as a fully automatic assault rifle with a rapid rate of fire. The weapon is designed for damage in mid-range combat, with improved muzzle velocity and reliable handling for stable fire control.

For players who aren’t interested in the game’s unlock challenge, a new bundle featuring the Vargo 52 is being added to the store. The Ferrofluid weapon blueprint for the Vargo 52 can be obtained as part of the store’s new Tracer Pack: Ferro Fury Reactive Mastercraft Pack. The pack will go live March 4 in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in-game stores. This is an eight-piece set that also includes two other weapon blueprints, a charm, a calling card, a sticker, a crosshair, and a gesture.

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While the new content might seem surprising for an older Call of Duty game, players also saw the Jungle map from Black Ops 1 appear in the game’s files with WMD prior to this announcement. It’s likely that Black Ops Cold War might get more maps, weapons, and packs in the future.

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