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Can the revived old variety shows that are changing audiences’ aesthetic and emotional needs still become hits?

Five years later, the fourth season of the music variety show “I Want to Sing with You” has recently returned. The host Wang Han and a number of big-name singers and amateur choirs sang “Xing Su” on the stage to show the power of music. In the past two years, old variety shows that have disappeared for several years have been restarted. Some were not as expected and disappeared from the public, and the restarted season was shelved again; Compared with creating a new variety show, it seems more convenient and effective to restart an old show, but it is difficult to revive an old variety show and become a hit.

old show revived

Need to do enough details

The first episode of “I Want to Sing with You” invited two guests, Su Youpeng and Wang Xinling, and they performed many familiar songs with the amateur choir selected by the audition, such as “Red Dragonfly”, “Love You”, “Big Sleep” “wait. The highlights of the program include the music stories of ordinary people, Xingsu stage chorus, revisiting nostalgic old songs, etc. The stage provides an opportunity for fans and singers to cherish each other and perform together. Come the warmth.

In the show, the host Wang Han also went out on location, looking for ordinary people who love to sing in the fireworks of the market. In the first episode of the program, Wang Han went to Zhengzhou to visit an uncle who was selling fruit and singing, and invited him to the stage. The program team invited fans of all ages to give these amateurs enough space to express their love for singers and music. Among them are mothers and daughters who like the Little Tigers, and some formed the “Fat Tigers” in college. There are old boy groups, young couples who like Wang Xinling, etc.

The program expresses the power of music with the chorus of stars, which is a good idea, but the first episode of the program expressed this theme very deliberately, and the stories of ordinary people are too ordinary, lacking in highlights and lack of appeal. Life and death cannot be determined by just one episode, but compared with the previous seasons, this revived variety show is less interesting and has more sensational elements. How to balance the theme expression and the fun of the program is worth studying. Judging from the program mode, Xingsu chorus is indeed the mode needed by the current positive energy variety show, but how to use this mode to make enough details and highlights may be very difficult.

Do not consume quickly

Old IP Popularity

Reviving old variety shows has become a common practice of major platforms in the past two years, such as “Big Variety Show”, “Flowers and Boys”, “Boys and Girls Go Forward”, “Like! Old variety shows such as “Talent Show” and “Very Quiet Distance” have been revived, and it is said that many old variety shows will be restarted. However, some old variety shows that have been revived have found it difficult to continue the characteristics or eye-catching points of the previous programs. The programs are submerged and have no splash; They can only play “emotional killing” and are eliminated; some programs seek innovation and resurrection, keep up with the needs of the audience, and live in different ways.

For example, when the old travel variety show “Flowers and Boys” was restarted with “Camping Season”, the audience hoped to see the wonderful travel scenery again, wanted to see the various sparks between the stars, and wanted to see the relationship between the stars. It continues to evolve, but the theme and style of the new restarted show have changed, and it has transformed into a slow healing variety show that goes through the process. point. For example, programs such as “Mars Intelligence Agency” continue to restart, and word-of-mouth collapses and continue to fall silent. “like! Talent Show and “Very Quiet Distance” return on the short video platform. The former combines the show’s guest audition and marketing methods with a short, flat, and fast short video ecology. The latter starts from simple and old-fashioned guest interviews. The program has become an interview with guest stars in a more daily scene, talking about hot topics, outputting positive opinions, etc. In order to adapt to the platform attributes, the long program is dismantled into multiple short videos to meet the needs of the audience. It can be seen that the revival of old variety shows requires not only fresher content, but also some innovation in form.

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In the previous topic “Which variety show do you want to see restarted?”, “Zhengda Variety Show”, “We All Love to Laugh”, “I Love to Remember Lyrics” and other “ancient variety shows” have high voices, indicating that the restart of variety shows is indeed There is audience demand. Old-fashioned variety shows are naturally attractive to some variety show fans. At the same time, the models of old-fashioned variety shows are mature and can be used directly. The creation platform sees the accumulated audience of these shows, the convenience of operation, and The convenience of attracting investment in the market keeps restarting these programs that have withdrawn from the stage. However, if you want to continue the program mode without reviving the temperament and characteristics of the original program, it is easy to be complained by the audience. These old-fashioned variety shows have indeed been popular, but it is indeed difficult to make a splash. Memory killing is of course a selling point and an eye-catching point, but it is also the easiest to transform into the aesthetic fatigue of the audience.

In terms of appeal and reputation, old IPs have natural advantages, but if they do not study the changes in audience aesthetics and viewing needs, and only revive them for the sake of resurrection, the popularity accumulated by old IPs over the years will be quickly consumed. (Reporter Shi Wenjing)

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