Carl de Moncharline, known character of the Brussels nightlife, suspected of sexual assault

That evening, he is behind the bar in his usual place. I dance a little then at one point he offers me a beer that doesn’t come directly from the bar. From that moment everything becomes blurry. I don’t remember how the sequel went, but I find myself upstairs at the Wood. He starts kissing me, touching my upper body. I am mentally conscious, but physically, I no longer control anything. I am paralyzed. I am limp and frozen. I am totally aware of what is happening, I don’t agree, I want it to stop but I am unable to say a word or do a physical action to stop it. Here, among many others, is one of the testimonies once morest Carl de Moncharline that RTBF collected on its program #Investigation.

Chilling words that accuse the former boss of the Wood nightclub, an establishment located in the Bois de la Cambre and which closed in 2016, of sexual assault. And testimonials like this, the #Balancetonbar page brings together many others. Each time, Carl de Moncharline would proceed in the same way by offering a drink that would not come from the bar. A glass that would probably contain a drug causing the victims to lose all their bearings, which he would then take upstairs to find himself alone with them and lend himself to his desires. Young women, but also young men, who all explain that they were absolutely not consenting at the time of the facts but who were nevertheless unable to react. Ashamed, most of these alleged victims preferred to hide in silence and not file a complaint.

After the broadcast of the program on RTBF, Carl de Moncharline strongly denied all these accusations once morest him. In a Facebook post, he even announced that he had filed a complaint for defamation. “My client has a clean criminal record. He has never had to answer for any attack of this type (…) My client never hands out drinks to his visitors. It’s his staff who take care of that (…) This is regarding the honor of a man who is attacked by shadows and people who do not reveal themselves to him. He has no precision on the facts, but it is a question of someone’s reputation”, declared his lawyer, MaĆ®tre Buyle, to our colleagues.

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Currently, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office cannot specify whether one or more investigations are underway once morest Carl De Moncharline. Nevertheless, if the facts are proven, it is in any case rape, touching and indecent assault under chemical submissions. The emblematic man of the Brussels nightlife might therefore incur a prison sentence of several years.

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