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Carlos Antonio Vélez complied with the sentence of a court in Bogotá and retracted on air a comment he made in July of this year regarding Rafael Santos Borré and his wife, Ana Caicedo.

The footballer of Eintracht Frankfurt and the Colombian National Team, filed a guardianship and won it. So the journalist had to rectify what was said in his radio space ‘Planet Soccer’ last Friday, complying with the court order.

However, this Monday the renowned journalist began his opinion column, known as ‘Big words’with strong statements regarding his future opinions and the possible attempts to silence him with legal actions.

“First: the information that I give here, has sustenance. Everything you report has proof. Of course, I protect and will protect the source because the law protects me.

Second: opinions, which are different from information, are free. I can say what I want; what you want and how you want, within the legal framework. There is no censorship, says the Political Constitution of Colombia”, commented Vélez in Antenna 2.

Then his words were much stronger, and he left a clear message for Borré and for any footballer who wants to silence him.

“Third: here, for opinions there are no untouchables. No, dad! Of course, when opinion favors them, they do not complain or thank them.

Fourth: as much as they try to silence free and independent opinions like mine, they will not succeed because I am going to resist”, he concluded.

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