Carlos López reappeared in Chilevisión and gave details of his new life

During the day this Tuesday, in a new chapter of the morning “With you in the Morning”, Juan Pablo Queraltó made a dispatch from the La Serena waterfront.

However, in the middle of the office he met again with the journalist Carlos López.

In conversation with his former channel, the reporter gave details of his present far from the capital of Chile.

“I am giving a better quality of life to my family”

“I’m super good, working here and living in the beautiful city of La Serena, I came in 2019. Now I’m working on Channel 13, so happy with life. Also, I’m pituating abroad for Deutsche Welle, ”López started saying.

Along the same lines, the professional confessed that “from here I no longer move, because perhaps I put aside working in the main channels there in contingency, but here you gain quality of life.”

“First I came for a job offer, then I stayed and now my family is happy,” he reflected.

Finally, Carlos López indicated that it would be difficult for him to return to Santiago in the short term.

“I’m giving my family a better quality of life, I can’t say I won’t drink this water, but right now, my present and I hope my future is here,” he emphasized.

“The priorities change, the travel times, the money pays you more at the end of the month, you don’t have a Tag, the distances are shorter, the people are more friendly, I think that because of this same air and view it makes people do it. have a good time. Here you live and in Santiago you survive ”, he closed.

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