Central Retail launches “Tops Club”, selling imported products from around the world Premium

Central Retail launches Tops CLUB (Tops Club) Membership Store on an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters behind Central Rama 2 Shopping Center in the form of an empire of imported products, exclusive to famous brands from all over the world.

All categories have new, modern, trendy products to be added every week, such as fresh food, dry food, snacks-bakery, kitchenware products. household items electrical appliance outdoor equipment Toys for children, sports equipment, pet supplies, beverages and the best international wines. to create a superior shopping experience Meet every lifestyle every generation of everyone in the family Guarantee of good quality and the best price for members Easy to apply at your fingertips D-Day is ready to open for full service on 28 September.

Mr. Stefan Koom, Chief Executive Officer of Food Central Retail Group said, “With the role of being the number 1 in the food retail business in Thailand We therefore strive to develop new retail models that will make Tops brand the ultimate food destination in Thailand. We are ready to launch the first mega project ‘Tops CLUB’ in Southeast Asia. The company has spent 2 full years developing a concept store that has never been seen before.

Customers who subscribe to Tops CLUB will be able to buy more than 3,500 premium quality imported products from all over the world. New products are available for sale all the time. The best deal products that everyone must not miss. rotate every week only here Seasonal products such as Christmas, New Year, etc. At Tops CLUB, we select only quality products. Unexpected prices, easy access, all in one place. fulfill all the needs of customers like a famous department store abroad to Thailand

“Tops CLUB” will create a different and unique shopping experience. Ready to create excitement for Thai customers as they expected. which following trying to open a pop-up store since July last Customers give good feedback. More than 12,000 members have signed up.

We have also added more channels for customers to access Tops CLUB more easily, where they can easily place an order on the Tops CLUB application anytime, anywhere, providing the best omni-channel shopping experience. Absolutely perfect.”

Tops CLUB stands out with an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters, majestically located in Warehouse Style, divided into 3 zones according to product categories. easy to buy There is a new product lineup that is unique and unique. Rip off the familiar product layout Every customer can try the real product for themselves. Along with product tasting points to prove the delicious taste, there are up to 40 spots throughout the shop, recommended by expert staff. or take pictures for social media Spend a day of happiness before making a purchase and everyone will experience a world-class experience from the moment they walk into the Tops CLUB.

Zone 1 Meet the spectacular army of goods in the Kid’s Paradise zone, various colorful toys, teddy bears taller than 3 meters, giant unicorn-flamingo rafts. Cool design gaming chair that can be tried Play the game before making a purchase.

Outdoor equipment products, popular brands, including tents Extra large field chair Stove set – BBQ equipment From famous brands from abroad, such as Ozark Trail, Expert Grill, Lifetime, quality kitchen appliances, Mainstays, popular brands from America.

pet products Modern home appliances and kitchenware quality guarantee Car accessories from exclusive brands KIRKLAND popular in America and BESST, as well as sports equipment. Electrical appliances from leading brands and many other products

Zone 2 Very surprised with the food zone that is the first, only, and largest cold room in Thailand. that allows customers to walk in and buy imported products, both vegetables – fresh fruits Make your own chocolate with the largest Chilled and Frozen cabinet. Packed with new products allowing customers to taste the most premium flavors that everyone must buy

For example, KILLINCHY GOLD, a famous brand of ice cream from New Zealand, imported meatballs, meatballs. Assorted mixed nuts, pistachios, excellent quality from America. It is also full of confectionery products. Including crispy potato chips with exotic flavors, seasoned pork caps, vegetables, crispy fruits from Australia, beverages, tea – coffee, seasonings from the best brands from Europe, America and Asia. There is also a coffee bar zone. Offers unlimited tea and coffee tasting.

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Zone 3 Complete with fresh food products, meat, seafood imported from Europe and America, such as beef, lamb, salmon, oysters, scallops, lobsters, beverage zone and the best quality wines Arranged for customers to be able to shop closely

There is also a Cooking Show zone where a team of famous chefs come to cook for you to taste. as well as recommending drinks to enhance the taste of eating with various types of food. There is also a CLUB Café, a cafe with special menus. that has selected the finest ingredients imported from America to cook and serve such as hot dogs, pizza, baked chicken pies, etc., with a seat to eat in the shop or buy it home It is another important point that everyone must stop by before returning.

as well as creating a unique shopping experience in the style of Treasure Hunt for the first time in Thailand to create surprises for customers to win all the time Give a treasure hunt feeling with famous brand name products. at a wow price First come first serve only at Tops CLUB with added convenience and speed of payment. There are up to 32 cashier points to serve.

Tops CLUB, a new retail innovation At a good price for members The concept of ‘Tops CLUB’ is to sell imported products to members. at a price that can’t be found anywhere else without having to fly far or order from abroad And can collect The 1 points to increase the value to the next level There are two membership types:

  • general member (Basic Member) Apply for free! free of charge
  • Premium Membership (Premium Member) Special membership fee of only 799 baht / year (from today – October 31, 2022) from normal 999 baht / year with privilegesMany benefits such as

– Get 5%* discount

– Free delivery service! In Bangkok and surrounding provinces, there is no minimum when purchasing products.Online via Tops CLUB application from today – 31 December 2023

– Get exclusive news from Tops CLUB before anyone else

Meet the event to celebrate the opening of Tops CLUB, a great flagship store, special! Only on September 28th, the first 100 ‘Tops CLUB’ members purchase the product. Get a chance to win a mystery gift box (Mystery Box) valued from 500 – 7,000 baht, join the Meet & Greet activity with the new genius “Makkonthas-Nathasit” from the famous series “Still Hea also said that he was naive”, with a chance to take pictures and play games on stage with the actors closely. When you buy a product of 1,000 baht or more and when you buy a product of 3,000 baht or more / receipt (limited quantity), get free! Fabric bag I’m Tops CLUB Member, size XXXXL, valued at 499 baht, from September 28 – October 31, 2022.

Tops CLUB “The World’s Exclusive Shopping Experience” opens Monday-Friday time 10.00-22.00, Saturday-Sunday time 08.00-22.00 from September 28 onwards.

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