Chairman of the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee for the Free: The recent crisis is beyond our control

The head of the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee, Bashir al-Amin, said that the reason for the fuel overcrowding that took place in the past days was out of control, due to the inability of fuel supply ships to enter the port of Zawiya due to sea waves turbulence.

Al-Amin explained, in an intervention with Al-Ahrar, that the city of Tripoli is fed with fuel from two tanks on the airport road, which are not sufficient to cover the entire city.

Al-Amin added that what happened was not a shortage of fuel, but rather an obstruction in the distribution of fuel from the port of Zawiya to the airport road tanks.

Al-Amin added that the crowding on fuel will disappear within two days, stressing that fuel is available in sufficient quantities, according to him.

Before the month of Ramadan, Tripoli witnessed severe crowding at fuel distribution stations, so that crowding returned once more with the beginning of the blessed month.

Source: Libya Al-Ahrar TV

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